Piemonte: A successful Smart City Ecosystem

Piemonte: A successful Smart City Ecosystem

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Piemonte (North-West Italy) hosts a successful smart city ecosystem. The region has a long history of innovation, boosting cooperation between SMEs, large companies and research organizations to share knowledge and make innovative products and services; Piemonte is the 1st Italian region in terms of private investment in R&D and the 3rd for hi-tech patents.

Piemonte is at the heart of smart city innovation, hosting ‘Smart Communities Tech’, the national cluster, managed by Torino Wileress Foundation, leading the development of the smart city strategy at national level.


According to the ICityrank 2019, the capital city, Torino, is the fifth among the top Italian smart cities; though the initiative ‘Torino City Lab’, the City is a laboratory for smart city solutions, providing a system of physical, technological infrastructures, relations and know-how to experiment and then scale up the proposed innovations: here companies can co-develop and test their new products and solutions, thanks to 5G connectivity, IoT, collaborative robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the smart city fields in which Piemonte can offer innovative solutions are:

  • Autonomous mobility and driving: autonomous vehicles and drones for the transportation of people and things, more info here;
  • Public security, emergency monitoring and management: advanced applications for geolocalisation, early warning platforms and alerting solutions for public and private entities;
  • Artificial Intelligence for buildings: innovative technology to make non-residential buildings smart, by the way of an intelligent system on HVAC, which ensures 20% energy savings, lower CO2 emissions and improved comfort, thanks to a scalable IoT solution and to the use of AI;
  • Weather monitoring: groundbreaking technology that turns cameras into weather stations, tracking precipitation type, rainfall intensity, temperature, visibility, road conditions. A disruptive technology that use weather data to support urban, road and infrastructure decision making;
  • Public lighting: products for the optimized management of public lighting systems, off-grid street lighting and urban lighting. Smart lamps with energy from renewable sources and battery storage combined web active monitoring and IoT sensors for analytics and big data collection;
  • Social smart cities development: a multidisciplinary project, integrating innovation, social inclusion and smart city solutions into large scale real estate project, delivering smart affordable housing to disadvantaged communities


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