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ETRA’s ePass-EMV-QR Onboard Validation system. The autonomous validation solution for cash payment elimination in public transport

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The ETRA ePass-EMV-QR on-board validation system solves in a simple and natural way the current need of public transport authorities and operators to eliminate cash in current ticketing systems. The proposal combines two technological solutions, common in other sectors, which are gradually being implemented strongly in public transport ticketing solutions: EMV Contactless and QR technologies.

The use of EMV Contactless and QR technologies in metropolitan transport has three fundamental advantages: a high degree of safety, rapid acceptance by passengers and a relevant advance in terms of usability, reasons why it has become a standard world. Likewise, its high degree of penetration in society means that solutions for access to public transport using these technologies have a privileged starting point to promote their use by the end user. The main advantage of ETRA’s solution is the independence of any existing system, not requiring integration with existing systems.

It allows its installation in any fleet of buses independently, which allows maintaining the current ticketing systems and complementing them with this solution.





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Product Link: https://www.grupoetra.com/en/ticketing-system-for-line-3-of-the-light-train-siteur

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