GoAigua: the ideal platform for managing operation and maintenance processes in water utilities

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GoAigua: the ideal platform for managing operation and maintenance processes in water utilities

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The GoAigua platform integrates utilities’ digital solutions via a horizontal model and algorithms designed by experts in water and data management. GoAigua helps operators manage processes holistically, whilst providing an in-depth view of O&M processes, irrespective of space or time. By combining both analytics and BI, it delivers solutions for event forecasting, process optimization, and best practice recommendations for drinking water, wastewater and irrigation.

GoAigua was born in 2006, when the 130-year-old Spanish water utility Global Omnium began a pioneering digital transformation process based on the installation of sensors, data mining and analysis. This led to the development of GoAigua, built by water experts based on real experience in the field. Since then, GoAigua has been honed to become a state-of-the-art solution for managing the entire water cycle.

It has enabled organizations to reduce non-revenue water, reaching efficiency of over 90%, save 15%-20% in energy consumption, and reduce OPEX by 20%. The solution helps to pinpoint leaks, optimize and automate O&M processes and define tailored investment plans. It can also ensure excellent quality of service, improve the customer experience and deliver a value-added service to consumers. Thus, it promotes the responsible use of water. Idrica, the global leader in digital transformation for the water industry, markets the GoAigua solution and other services around the world.

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