PE Smart Urban Network for Smart Adaptive Lighting

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With Paradox Engineering’s PE Smart Urban Network platform, cities can transform their outdoor lighting infrastructure into a smart, sentient network and enable full remote management of single or streetlights.

Main solution element is PE Smart CMS, the web-based software management system to control lighting devices from remote, as well as any other urban application over the same IoT infrastructure. Streetlights are interfaced and connected through PE Smart Lighting Nodes, while PE Smart Gateways act as data concentrators and network coordinators.

Altogether, PE Smart Urban Network provides an interoperable, flexible and ready-to-use smart platform to build a self-configuring and self-healing mesh network, fully engineered for affordable ease of deployment and auto-commissioning processes. PE Smart Urban Network allows to turn on/off and dim single or grouped luminaires from the CMS, and enables the definition of customized outdoor lighting schedules. Operating hours and brightness can be programmed upon daily solar times or ambient light levels, and default combinations can be set for given districts or areas.

By interfacing smart streetlights with IP cameras, motion sensors, vehicle detection systems or environmental sensors, PE Smart Urban Network enables dynamic sensor-based lighting applications, further reducing consumed power and emissions.


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