Transport Operations Platform: A smart city data platform by Accenture and Microsoft

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Transport Operations Platform was created through a partnership between Accenture’s UrbanOS – a smart city data platform – and Microsoft’s AI, analytics, and productivity tools.

The result is a mobility-focused platform geared for Departments of Transportation in order to enhance operational efficiency, traveler experience, and transportation safety. Accenture and Microsoft bring together an expansive ecosystem of partners to address any customer’s unique needs.

Transport Operations Platform uses UrbanOS, an open-source smart city data platform, to collect and integrate data from connected devices and systems in real time. That data is securely stored and managed in a format that can be consumed by applications, civil services, or citizens.

The platform also integrates with Microsoft’s powerful suite of tools and services:

  • Azure Cloud services, AI, and machine learning tools
  • PowerBI analytics
  • Low/no-code Power Platform tools (Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Power Portal, Power Automate)
  • Dynamics 365
  • Modern Work ecosystem (Teams, Office 365, Sharepoint)

Combining these tools allows us to harness a city, state, or region’s data to gain insights, automate workflows, and connect teams that were previously operating in their own silos.

At the Barcelona Smart Mobility Congress, we are showing a use case focused on crash response automation in a traffic operations center. Transport Operations Platform will detect a crash event through data collected from connected vehicles and initiate a workflow through the traffic operations center to clear it.

Transport Operations Platform brings together a wealth of data and the tools needed to make use of it. It is built and backed by the combined knowledge and expertise of Accenture and Microsoft. "

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