IRIS Sentinel

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Quamtra Smart Waste Management and WeLight Smart Lighting

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IRIS Sentinel, Quamtra Smart Waste Management and WeLight Smart Lighting by Wellness TechGroup

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IRIS Sentinel

IRIS Sentinel is the Wellness TechGroup cybersecurity brand that brings cybersecurity expertise in response to the challenges that digitization presents. With increasing numbers of connected devices, sensors and systems thanks to new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity has never been more crucial.

Cities and organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before, putting critical municipal management and the privacy of citizen data at risk. The need to prioritize the security measures underpinning today’s Smart City ecosystems provides the ideal backdrop for our cybersecurity solutions.

IRIS Sentinel develops and implements cybersecurity solutions to provide technical and methodological support to customers through a unique portfolio of services that assess Cyber Health in Smart Cities.

IRIS Sentinel offers a unique approach to Smart City Cyber Protection built on two complementary components:

Cyber Triage & Diagnostic The Smart City Cyber Triage and Diagnstic framework is specifically designed to enhance Cyber Health in Cities. This framework tool was developed to assess capacity and resilience in Smart City Cyber Health, from the perspective of technology, people, business and compliance.

Immune System The Smart City Immune System centers around the Sentinel Manager platform. It uses KPIs, self-healing capabilities, reporting and data coherence to continuously monitor, manage and protect the infrastructure from cyber-attacks and incidents.


Quamtra Smart Waste Management

The Quamtra solution allows cities to adapt solid urban waste collection to meet the needs of residents by turning containers into intelligent assets that collect data and improve decision-making.

It is the ideal solution for cities looking to adapt the collection of solid urban waste to meet residents’ needs, as well as the perfect tool that companies may use to manage their waste in a responsible, efficient and compliant way. The solution moves municipalities away from a reactive, static collection model based on historical values towards a more proactive and innovative on-demand method.

The IoT solution proposed by Quamtra Smart Waste Management is based on smart devices (the Q and MiniQ Sensors) installed in the upper interior of garbage containers. These sensors constantly measure the fill level using a measurement module based on ultrasound. In the same way, the sensors collect parameters such as the bins’ interior temperature, inclination, movement, and location.

The information collected by these sensors is sent to a software platform that compiles, conveniently displays, and analyzes the data. The platform creates multiple reports and alerts that allow for agile analysis and decision making by responsible parties. Quamtra sensors are compatible with all currently available container models.

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WeLight Smart Lighting

WeLight Smart Lighting is the solution that manages and regulates energy consumption to maximise the potential of lighting infrastructure thanks to an end-to-end solution for optimal service that monitors and controls public lighting infrastructure. WeLight Smart Lighting system was developed to improve the quality and efficiency of public lighting for enhanced service and to provide a better user experience.

This solution boasts one of the most extensive feature offerings available in the market, simplifying the number of tools that our clients are required to use. Integrating new technologies like WeLight in the public lighting infrastructure has the potential to generate savings, optimise processes, and facilitate improved decision-making. WeLight is open and interoperable, using standard interfaces like TALQ and Fiware to enable complete Smart City transformations.

This flexible solution adapts to multiple implementation scenarios and communication technologies. It is also equipped with native cybersecurity elements, which can be complemented with advanced cybersecurity services. This comprehensive solution establishes a Smart platform that acts as a stepping stone into digitization and automation of energy management and Smart City services. WeLight CMS is deployed in more than 300 municipalities and already manages 1 million luminaries through projects spread around the world.


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