Staria Technologies: The future of lighting

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Staria creates smart solar street lighting solutions to exterior spaces through sustainable energy use.

Staria Technologies, a startup with a very clear vision, to optimize current lighting technology and create an infrastructure of smart light points in cities.

Staria is committed to taking a technological leap and implementing an innovative and sustainable solution in current lighting, based on 3 pillars:

  • Solar self-sufficiency.Staria’s solar streetlights are designed to reduce electricity consumption. In addition, it does not require electrical wiring or electrical installations for its use.
  • Smart lighting. Implement motion sensors to reduce light pollution during low-traffic hours of the night. This allows consumption and light to be reduced during hours when there is no pedestrian traffic.
  • Remote management of the lighting system: Through the integrated software, all the luminaires will form part of a large connected interface. All kinds of functions can be established through the use of a computer, such as: on and off, the light percentage or the hours of light… Also, the software alerts the user when something needs to be fixed in the solar light.

Staria‘s objective is very clear, to move forward and make Spain, one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine in the world, emerge in the coming years as a benchmark in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency in cities.


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Company Link: STARIA

Product Link: SAT 70


Phone: +34 622 082 653