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Tomorrow.City is a digital cross-media content platform for cities and all the players involved in shaping them. Pioneered by Smart City Expo World Congress after 10 years of creating a global leading event, it aims to broaden our impact by bringing everyone onboard 365 days a year and actively engaging with the entire smart city sector.

A wide range of carefully crafted contents in multiple formats. At Tomorrow.City you can:

  • WATCH events gathering worldwide governments, business, entrepreneurs, and experts to explore specific urban challenges from all perspectives and get to the heart of the matter together.
  • LISTEN to podcasts that speak up about the biggest challenges that modern cities face.
  • READ the Mag to be in the know about the latest stories on city innovation.
  • EXPLORE the Radar, a digital portfolio constantly updated to showcase the boldest technologies, prototypes, and market-ready solutions.
  • FOLLOW the Observatory to get a curated, worth-reading selection of contents spread by global organizations and media outlets.
Our site is responsive and is available at tomorrow.city from your mobile phone and your computer.

Registration is free, it allows you to have full access to all content available on the platform and get a curated selection of our contents on a bi-weekly basis.

Yes, live sessions are uploaded as VOD shortly after they end. You can watch them on the same page they were broadcast or navigate on our platform to discover more.

If you are registered, you can save sessions by clicking the button “My list” under the description of the session. You can access your list of saved sessions through the “My Account” button, on the top right corner of the site.
We use the information provided during the registration process to suggest specific content. You can change your preferences anytime through the “Profile” button, on the top right corner of the site.
By clicking the “Share” button below the description of any live session or VOD content. You will be able to send it to your contacts through WhatsApp or post it on social media.
You can edit your personal data preferences on the “Profile” page (clicking the button on the top-right corner of the platform).
You can unsubscribe from the platform in the “Profile” page (clicking the button on the top- right corner of the platform).
If you want to partner up with Tomorrow.City or Smart City Expo World Congress, please email us at smartcityexpo.sales@firabarcelona.com.