Urban Air Mobility: From Sci-Fi to Reality

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Many of us imagined a future of flying cars and transport within cities. This has been recently turning from a fantasy into a reality, with advances in Urban Air Mobility. We’re not at the level of flying cars yet, but the future is quickly approaching. To speak with us Urban Air Mobility are two intriguing speakers. Denise Soesilo is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the consultancy Outsight International, she’s also an ADDA Scaling Lead for UNICEF, and a UAS and Clean Technologies Consultant for the World Bank. Yoann Le Petit is a Business Development Manager at EIT Urban Mobility. Ms. Soesilo, Mr. Le Petit, what a pleasure to have you here. Mr. Le Petit, why don’t we start with you. Why does EITUM consider UAM a key sector in the future of mobility?


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