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Mobility for your whole life

As Urban Mobility Innovations we use the "know-how" of the [ui!] family of companies to collect all existing urban data of a city, community, county or region from different IT systems. We do this with the support of our cloud-based smart mobility platform [ui!] UrbanPulse, in order to evaluate them with AI-based analyses and make them available for concrete mobility services.Until such a mobility platform is installed, a number of organizational steps must be taken in advance. Here we support you with our [ui!] M2LIFE mobility offer, which includes three phases of implementation.

[ui!] M2CONSULTTogether, we create a current status of mobility possibilities,look for optimization potentials and use them to create a mobility concept tailored to your needs.

[ui!] M2PROJECTOnce the goals have been set, we support and accompany you with our many years of project experience, from the first application to the successful implementation of the set mobility goals.

[ui!] M2PRODUCTSDepending on your mobility requirements, various products in our M2LIFE product suite can help you achieve your goals efficiently and successfully. This ranges from individual mobility of each individual, to the optimization of fleets through electric vehicles and the correspondingly necessary charging infrastructure.

In this way, we make lifelong mobility possible for your citizens.


__Contact: Peter Wichert – peter.wichert@umi.city __


Streetlighting – The backbone of Smart Cities!

[ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations offers cities, communities, counties and regions manufacturer-independent, individual solutions for the digital transformation of public infrastructures in combination with intelligent street lighting systems.Street lighting is present in a regular pattern throughout the city; the light posts provide cavities and the facilities are supplied with electricity. Street lighting, therefore, offers not only considerable energy saving potentials, but also versatile potential for shared use!
More and more sensors are needed to collect different urban data. The [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations professionally prepares your street lighting systems for the implementation of additional technologies and services. Information about environment & weather, traffic & parking, events & security and numerous other sensor systems can be transferred to a central data platform in a very simple and comfortable way. There it can be analyzed and made available for further use.Such a central data platform is also offered by the [ui!] family of companies under the name [ui!] UrbanPulse. Collected data is processed in real-time and made available for further use. This enables the visualization of various information about the current traffic and parking situation, local climate information, charging stations in combination with external information such as weather forecasts (rain or snow radar) on our [ui!] COCKPIT. You always remain the controller of the data and decide yourself, within the scope of your data sovereignty, who receives which data and for what purpose. This can be done free of charge or for a fee, so that refinancing is also possible.Consequently, we can support your city, community, county or region holistically on your way to digitalization.


Contact: Matthias Weis (CEO) – matthias.weis@uli.city – +49 (0)30 / 208 47 24 40


Creating benefits with your urban data platform

[ui!] Urban Software Institute support cities, communities, counties and regions in their efforts to collect, process and analyze all existing and anonymized urban data on a central data platform. As well as to make it available for new services as a benefit to cities, communities and utility companies.These solutions are based on an open urban data platform – the [ui!] UrbanPulse. Here, all data from the various IT systems of a city will be fed into a variety of connectors in order to be used for new smart city services in real-time and offered as benefits for citizens.[ui!] UrbanPulse enables the transparent visualization of all information of a city and makes it available for further use.The data sovereignty always remains with the client, on whose behalf the data is collected. Thus, the platform not only provides integrated access to urban data, it also prevents the risk of data misuse.With [ui!] UrbanPulse all parts of the [ui!] family of companies get a central data platform as a basis for their special solutions. [ui!] Urban Mobility Innovations uses the Open Urban Data Platform for the provision of different mobility solutions for lifelong mobility. [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations uses the Open Urban Data Platform for the collection, analysis, processing, and visualization of different sensor data e.g. on a [ui!] COCKPIT.For example, by analyzing climate data in combination with current traffic and parking information, the environmental impact on site can be reduced through intelligent traffic management adapted in real-time.


Contact: Dirk Heuser – dirk.heuser@ui.city – +49 61051 – 49 320 61



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