Neutroon: how to democratize 5G

Neutroon: how to democratize 5G

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A platform to easily set up and manage a private 5G infrastructure.

Neutroon offers a platform to easily set up and manage a Private 5G infrastructure. With Neutroon, the infrastructure owner (e.g. a smart city, a port, an industrial hub), can dynamically and securely onboard and manage different tenants (e.g. telco operators, factories) and charge them on-demand to monetize that infrastructure via network slicing. Shared infrastructures will be much more common over time as 5G requires a higher density of antennas, especially in dense urban areas.

Neutroon is built on open-source software and supports multiple hardware vendors, which helps our customers to dramatically lower capex and opex as compared to solutions from the large incumbents. Through open APIs, we can provide secure access to third-party developers and build a living platform to democratize access to 5G. Innovative service providers will be able to provide verticalized solutions like IoT, V2X and other futuristic technologies at a fraction of the cost with a smart and flexible connectivity layer like Neutroon.

Neutroon is the result of more than 5 years of R&D by the i2CAT Foundation, a non-profit research and innovation center based in Barcelona that promotes mission-driven R&D activities on advanced Internet architectures, applications, and services.Through the 5GCity H2020 project, in which Neutroon provided this intelligent connectivity layer, the technology was tested in a real smart city scenario. The i2CAT Foundation decided to spin-off the technology and bring it to the market to start executing its vision to democratize 5G.

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