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MindSphere City Graph by Siemens Advanta: Unleash the power of data for smart cities through openness, AI, and live execution in digital twins

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MindSphere City Graph is connecting the real and digital world to create intelligent environments

The aim for digitally transforming urban areas comes with both multiple challenges and sustainability objectives. By developing a holistic solution with a Digital Twin at the heart of the application, Siemens Advanta reacts to rising demands of urban customers and unlocks the full potential of IoT. The result, the MindSphere City Graph, an Open Urban Platform utilizing MindSphere and Azure Digital Twin services, connects all kinds of devices and digitally models all the components operating a city, district, or campus.

Through fusing the physical and digital worlds and unlocking the power of data for Smart Cities, the MindSphere City Graph has a substantial impact on enabling cities to break through information silos, becoming more resilient, having access to relevant data, and optimizing operational efficiency to create a new generation of smart, sustainable and livable cities.

The MindSphere City Graph is a first of its kind approach, combining the best from the digital and the physical worlds and thereby enabling urban areas to unlock their digital future. Through open standards, monetization and open data concepts, open source for full transparency and fast acceleration for city applications, the MindSphere City Graph helps Cities and City Solution Providers to learn from and build on each other. It can act on any change in near real-time and enables a faster and more accurate response. Whilst the model can start very small and straightforward, it can easily be scaled to millions of elements that are context aware. This opens it up to further real-life implementation with different areas of application and main focuses to gain new insights, optimize city operations, realize cost savings and new revenue streams.

The City Graph has been successfully implemented in Aspern (Vienna, Austria) with Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR) and focuses on the improved forecasting of the charging demand of eCars and the understanding of their impact on the energy infrastructure. Utility providers can now better plan their network capacities and related expansion.

The utility provider of a German city is taking advantage of City Graph by consolidating energy management relevant data sources in one data model. They now have the opportunity to identify correlations at a glance, which was not possible while data was still located in multiple sub-systems with different views.

About Siemens Advanta

Siemens Advanta strives to unlock the digital future of its clients by offering end-to-end support on their unique digitalization journey. Siemens Advanta is a strategic advisor and a trusted implementation partner in digital transformation and industrial IoT with a global network of more than 8000 employees in 19 countries and 89 offices. Highly skilled and experienced experts offer services which range from consulting to design & prototyping to solution & implementation and operation – everything out of one hand.

Further information is available at www.siemens-advanta.com

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Fusing the digital & physical world with MindSphere City Graph

Connecting the real and digital world to create intelligent environments


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