Microsoft: Smart Places and Infrastructure with IoT, AI, and Digital Twins

Microsoft: Smart Places and Infrastructure with IoT, AI, and Digital Twins

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As urbanization continues to take hold, and cities face different challenges to make cities safer, resilient, accessible, sustainable and prosperous, urban planning strategies must adapt to change.

With Digital Twins —a digital representation of a physical environment, urban planners can make better decisions with the help of data integration and visualization from across of the urban environment.

Modeling and creating a digital representation of an environment can be difficult. Azure Digital Twins makes this easy. It enables creating digital representations of connected environments like buildings, factories, farms, energy networks, railways, stadiums, and cities, and bring these digital twins to life with a live execution environment and integration of IoT data, to ultimately unlock powerful insights and experiences.

Modeling the complex interactions and high-value intersections between people, places, and things is unlocking new opportunities, creating new efficiencies, and improving public and private spaces. Microsoft’s own Campus modernization is a prime example of this with its vision to build, deliver and operate connected, accessible, sustainable and secure workspace that create the best employee experience.

From campuses to cities, now more than ever, buildings of all kinds, from commercial offices to public buildings, remain in need of transformative solutions that will enable people and communities to work and live safely. Microsoft’s focus to deliver new technology innovations in IoT, AI and Digital Twins together with its partner ecosystem is enabling innovative solutions across smart buildings, cities and infrastructure.





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