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DMAP: Unlocking the power of transportation analytics

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A platorm to provide transportation agencies with actionable insight for strategic decisions.

The Data Management Analytics Platform (DMAP) equips transportation agencies with readily available tools that answer the toughest industry questions and provide real-time, actionable insight to drive operational excellence, improve service quality, and reduce costs. This way, by unlocking the power power of data, customers reap exponential benefits, including seamless user experience to access transportation agency and interagency data sets; consolidated tools replacing manual data management inefficiencies; actionable insights to inform strategic decisions; full view of traveler data across multiple modes; ability to optimize schedules and asset allocation.

Cubic partners with customer to provide hands-on consulting services, helping guide transportation agencies through various current and future data management and analytics initiatives, such as conducting ridership studies, identifying strategic growth areas, drafting grant proposals, and shaping data systems and priorities. Combining expertise in data management and data science with deep transportation industry knowledge makes Cubic uniquely positioned as a partner in an agency’s analytics journey. We apply established and flexible data processes to any available data, and leverage transportation expertise to gather actionable insights.

Cubic understands that agencies have disparate systems and one-off data processes, DMAP provides a transportation-oriented, cutting-edge, secure, multi-tenant cloud-based data management and analytics solution, capable of satisfying even the most demanding transportation analytics needs.



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