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Digital Twins for infrastructures and urban ecosystems by Tecnalia

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The digital twin addresses the main challenges posed by infrastructures and urban ecosystems, allowing governments, local councils, utilities and operation and maintenance companies to focus on improving energy efficiency and sustainability, on the automation of processes and, in general, in the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A digital twin is a virtual representation of reality, both of the infrastructures, urban ecosystems and the processes that take place within them. In sequential order, this virtual replica makes it possible to:

  • Identify any problems in real time.
  • Carry out an advanced analysis of these problems, as all the information required is available and integrated into the digital twin.
  • Plan the most appropriate actions.
  • Validate the result of actions taken.

The information that is centralised by the digital twin, makes it possible to apply, for example, predictive maintenance algorithms, simulations of the behaviour of complex equipment or systems and to carry out analysis for improvements in the field of energy and resource efficiency.

City Digital Twin

Gemelo digital Infraestructuras

Captura GemeloDigital Kubik


City Digital Twin

Kubik 4.0. Digital Twin of Experimental Infraestructure


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