ArcGIS: Building smart communities for good governance, by ESRI

ArcGIS: Building smart communities for good governance, by ESRI

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A solution to optimize transparency and citizen participation in local administrations.

Esri is the leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and ArcGIS, the most implemented platform in the field of Spanish Public Administration. Its Platform allows to approach geographic projects with guarantees and significantly improve decision making.

With ArcGIS, clients can manage, analyze, and manage large volumes of information in any of the public administrations’ areas and competencies. Esri offers the best solutions on the market to improve productivity, efficiency and transparency in public organizations.

This is the case of the transparency and citizen participation solution, with which the Administrations are managing to optimize their resources and improve their digital public services, promoting government transparency and adapting their processes easily and easily.

The Remarker GIS Response to COVID-19


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