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Honeywell Forge: A Enterprise Performance Management Software-as-a-Service

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Honeywell Forge is Enterprise Performance Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), purpose-built on a native edge-to-cloud, data drive architecture to accelerate digital transformation by:

  • Providing apps that deliver value in days
  • Delivering a system of record that is always up-to-date
  • Future proofing investments via extensible applications
  • Avoiding the rip-and-replace approach to expensive capital projects

Honeywell helps building and real estate portfolio managers access and use massive amounts of HVAC systems data by using advanced internet of things (IoT), analytics, and machine learning technologies to gain visibility and control over building systems across one or multiple sites, regardless of building type or industry.

It is specifically designed to study energy consumption patterns and continuously and autonomously adjust systems to drive energy savings without sacrificing occupant comfort—transforming the way building portfolios are managed.

Infographic - Honeywell Forge Operations Management


eBook "Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization"


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Contact phone: 404-664-2596


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