Xpernest: Handy tools to ensure a successful social distancing

Xpernest: Handy tools to ensure a successful social distancing

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Two apps to help citizens avoid busy hotspots and maintain at least 2m distance.

vQueue provides a virtual queue, which allows people to see how busy an area is, reserve a timed/queued slot that they can use to ensure they arrive at a location in a way which will ensure social distancing can be maintained and congestion is kept to a minimum. This App helps in reducing or removing the waiting time. This App allows customers to plan visit by adding themselves in queue from home. This also provides estimated time and queue number to the customer so that they can come on allotted time slot and avoid crowdedness.

Beach Check App has a live traffic-light system to help visitors and residents alike avoid busy hotspots. It allows users to check a particular beach or see a map indicating busier areas (red), less busy areas (amber) and those with plenty of available space (green). The app allows visitors to make informed choices as to which parts of the beach to visit, and which to avoid in order to maintain social distance during the coronavirus epidemic. The app also provides handy information on the beach’s lifeguard status, whether toilets are open, and information on bylaws for cycling along the promenade and exercising your dog. Long-term, the app is more than just a solution to help with social distancing.



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