x-tention: Towards post covid-19 smart tourism

x-tention: Towards post covid-19 smart tourism

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A back-end solution for a tourism app allowing visitors to make informed decisions to avoid crowded areas.

In the current COVID-19 public health crisis, any local authority that depends on tourism for its income is suffering. While tourist areas want to keep their tourism economy alive the local authorities also have a personal responsibility to keep their communities and visitors safe. x-tention, an IT service company specialising in enabling information to flow, has developed an intelligent, automated and predictive backend solution for a tourism app that allows visitors to make informed decisions to avoid crowded areas using real-time up-to-date information.

x-tention has adapted its enterprise service bus ‘Orchestra’, that enables interoperability and automation between multiple systems, to be the intelligent backend to predict occupancy using an algorithm that takes input from a number of data sources; gather and analyse data from CCTV systems deployed throughout the area to detect current occupation (crowding) in real time, making the information available through a free-to-use app; colour code specific geographical areas to inform users about the level of crowding in an area, and enable local authority staff to respond to or regulate their usage; and retaining data to allow algorithm improvements.

x-tention developed this smart backend for a Beach Check app for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council in Dorset, England, but it can be developed for any tourism app, from a tourist building access app to a town centre crowding app.


BCP Council Smart Place Check out


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