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Wave by AGC: WAVEATTOCH, transparent glass antenna for outdoor network densification

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WAVEATTOCH removes the barriers to 4G/5G deployment.

The increasing use of data on mobile phones creates the need for network densification.

This is valid for both 4G in a dense area and for 5G.

Telecom mobile operators either need to empower existing sites by adding antennas, or to find new sites. An alternative solution exists: WAVEATTOCH.

It is a transparent antenna integrated into the glazed façades of buildings. Developed by AGC, global leader in flat glass for construction and the automotive industry, WAVEATTOCH aims to provide local coverage and is installed at a lower height, therefore requiring less transmission power to cover dense urban areas; this allows operators to comply with the strictest EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) standards in the world. This perfectly integrated antenna means that building facades can guarantee operators a faster roll-out of 3 to 12 months. Its transparency allows it to be more discretely integrated into the urban landscape while not altering the façade.

WAVEATTOCH was developed and deployed in collaboration with the Japanese Mobile Network Operator NTT docomo in Japan to add capacity in dense areas for 4G and 5G where classical rooftop solutions cannot be used.

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