CQC/Qicheng: Photocell, Intelligent controller enclosure and dimming receptacle/socket for smart streetlights

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Zhaga Book 18 standard & NEMA/ANSI C136.41 standard photocontrol receptacle and intelligent controller base + cap.

As a leading photocontrol/photocell manufacturer in the global scale Qicheng Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd (briefly”CQC”) has 26 years professional experience of product development and OEM, has the most diversified certificates (such as ZHAGA, UL, CB, CE, VDE, TUV, ROHS,etc), has been gaining mulitple international invention patents, has been considered as a reliable and long-term supplier and partner by global top lighting companies and municipalities.

To support your smart city lighting projects, CQC is supplying our original designed photocontrol dimming receptacle/socket and intelligent controller enclosure (base+cap) complying with Zhaga Book 18 standard or NEMA / ANSI C136.41 standard.

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