Peachtree Corners announces IoT project to protect cyclists

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The City of Peachtree Corners in Georgia has teamed up with road safety company Spoke to develop technology aimed at protecting vulnerable road users, including cyclists. This project is described as the first-ever connected Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem for vulnerable road users. The technology enhances driver awareness by providing insights and contextual information.

The city’s decision to partner with Spoke was motivated by a commitment to resident, cyclist, and pedestrian safety, as road accidents result in numerous injuries and fatalities each year. The system employs three levels of connectivity: cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) for direct communication between vehicles and vulnerable road users, LTE/5G cellular communications for advanced alerts, and a camera/radar system for vehicle identification and visualization. By utilizing a C-V2X unit, which is about the size of a phone, cyclists can send signals to nearby cars and infrastructure, enabling both drivers and cyclists to be alerted before they can visually detect each other. Inside the vehicle, drivers can view the orientation and approach of cyclists and pedestrians.

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