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MUSE by Citegestion unifies the city stakeholders around a digital patform

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MUSE unifies the city stakeholders around a digital patform with practical approach and objectives.

Start a digital transformation for an urban space on management, monitoring and coordination of their ressources and assets through a systemic approach of the space, an independence from silos to better use resources, to promote partnerships and integration of services on a territory, and improve communication inbetween the stakeholders.

Main features:

  • Urban Monitoring
  • Universal IoT platform
  • Citizen Relationship
  • Assets Management
  • Energy Management
  • Interventions Management
  • Resources Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Urban Information Displayer

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Company Link: https://www.citegestion.fr/

Product Link: https://youtu.be/ntbggGMtmEg

E-mail: c.robin@citegestion.com

Contact phone: + 33 141 97 72 00