ePaper Digital Signage Platform: Signage solutions

ePaper Digital Signage Platform: Signage solutions

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Indoor signage solutions to provide users with crucial information.

Artec Design provides interactive ePaper signage solutions that have a clean yet elegant design. The products feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) as well as RFID/NFC and touch buttons for local interaction. Created for sustainable and reliable operation 24/7, ePaper signage can be powered for a year with the amount of energy required to power LCDs for a month. ePaper displays blend into the background with its natural tone and sleek design, therefore, reducing visual noise while providing users with crucial information.

The displays are energy efficient, sunlight readable, have a wide view angle, are easy on the eyes and have a paper-like quality. The low power consumption, wired data connections and batteryless installation ensure that the EMC and heat dissipation as well as regular maintenance is kept at minimum. Furthermore, the intrinsic properties of ePaper guarantee that the displayed image is preserved even after the loss of power.

The products are designed for permanently installed indoor signage solutions, e.g. multilingual exhibitions at museums, patient information in hospitals and information boards or schedules in offices and universities. However, system integrators are not limited to existing solutions, as the flexibility of the platform enables the creation of novel applications. Among others, the first generation of the product line is in use at the Estonian National Museum with 850+ displays installed and the second generation of product line is in use at the University of Tartu.

ePaper Signage at the Estonian National Museum

delta-213.3" ePaper Display for Digital Signage

erm6.8", 9.7" and 32" ePaper Displays at the Estonian National Museum


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