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Neutral software back-office platform which connects a variety of road traffic sensors together and enables efficient and reliable data processing to improve capabilities of Traffic Authorities, Law Enforcement and Traffic Management Centres.

FITS system best serves the following use cases:

Traffic Safety and Security:

  • speed enforcement
  • WIM enforcement
  • public transport lanes enforcement
  • suspicious and stolen vehicle monitoring

Tolling, road charging and access schemes:

  • e-vignettes enforcement
  • electronic toll collection enforcement
  • Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charging scheme enforcement

Traffic and Infrastructure Management:

  • monitoring of roadside ITS equipment and sensors
  • management and automation of Variable Message Signs
  • traffic flow analysis and Traffic surveys

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Company Link: www.wearedots.com

Product Link: traffic.wearedots.com

E-mail: aleksandrs.ahero@wearedots.com

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