Daizy: Making IoT accessible to anyone

Daizy: Making IoT accessible to anyone

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A platform to monitor and manage IoT devices.

An increasing number of low-power, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices are arriving on the market. These devices are used to sense, measure, and communicate all types of data at scale. With this diversity comes complexity. Daizy simplifies the process of designing, testing, and rolling out high volume IoT applications.

The Daizy platform lets customers manage their devices and quickly provision network access. They get a single unified view of their data for visualisation, monitoring and sensor fusion applications. Daizy is open to all devices, on any network and for any application. Data too often becomes siloed in device-specific cloud services. With Daizy it is all in one place and under customer’s control.

Customers can select the best devices for their project and effortlessly install them using the Daizy Mobile App. They can also monitor all their devices and ensure they are responsibly handled at the end of life. Eventually, the Daizy platform allows organisations to discover and leverage previously hidden data, informed by the emergence of IoT sensor technology. They can demystify their data and speak with our solutions specialist to identify their use case and value illustration.




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