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Clever Bins: Enhancing recycling management

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IoT sensors to help improve waste management teams operational efficiency.

The Smart Bin Sensor uses remote monitoring to provide real-time insight for waste management teams. An array of data is collected to help organisations make decisions quickly, leading to optimised collections, improved recycling management and a reduced risk of fire and personal injury. This insight helps waste management teams improve their operational efficiency and the lives of those they serve.

Studies show that up to 80% of serviced bins emptied don’t need emptying at the time of collection. By monitoring fill rates IoTSG is able to provide information that identifies which bins need emptying and when, thus reducing the number of visits to empty recepticles, allowing the focus to be on those that are full.

Using trend data, authorities can plan the most appropriate distribution of assets to cater for demand. The data can also be used to improve the accuracy of recycling reporting, leading to improved practise. Further sensors in the bin allow to identify fluctuations in temperature that may indicate a potential fire or a person sleeping in a bin. It can also detect whether or not a bin has been overturned or if a lid has been left open. All information is provided via a tailored dashboard to support the client’s operational requirements. IotSG devices are battery operated and communicate via LPWAN, removing the need for an internet connection.

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