City Infrastructure Digital Twins

City Infrastructure Digital Twins

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With over 70% of the world population expected to live in cities and their suburban areas by 2050, cities and local governments officials are investing in new technologies to secure and fast-track their planning decisions.

The current pandemic and too frequent natural disasters like flooding are adding to the urgency to improve responsiveness to new challenges.

Microsoft and Bentley Systems joined forces to help cities’ stakeholders make faster and more informed decisions, using digital twins through a top-down and bottom-up approach. City infrastructure digital twin, along with Bentley’s iTwin platform, not only enables extremely realistic, multi-layer and large-scale visualization of entire cities, they also enable to engage citizens and other stakeholders in the decision process, and simulate the impact of projects or disasters, to plan for a better future and improve city resilience.

Promo OpenCities Planner Screen1Improve decisions and planning for city operations, urban development, and infrastructure projects

Promo OpenCities Planner Screen2Assess flood risks for urban, riverine, and coastal systems with real-world digital context in the form of a 3D reality mesh

Promo OpenCities Planner Screen3Communicate and Engage with your stakeholders and citizens


Leveraging City Infrastructure Digital Twins – User Projects

City of Helsinki Expands Digitalization with Citywide Digital Twin

Águas do Porto Combines Data from 22 Types of Sources into a Digital Twin to Monitor Its Water System in Real Time


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