Citibeats: Finding the “so what” to solve people’s problems

Citibeats: Finding the “so what” to solve people’s problems

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An analytics platform turning opinions at scale into meaningful data.

Citibeats is an augmented text analytics platform that helps private and public organizations understand what matters to people at scale, in real-time, guiding decision-makers to take the most timely and necessary actions. Citibeats makes sense of this data and identifies social facts and trends that are useful for companies and institutions.

The platform is able to interpret the needs and opinions of users by flexibly adapting to the context in which they are expressed, the needs of the language, the data source and the structure of the text. The tool is very easy to implement and customize and allows for quick and efficient action because it monitors information in real time, in changing environments, on a large scale. The Citibeats algorithm combines Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology to filter relevant content, classify user opinions and information into categories, and to extract insights and patterns automatically. This technology is able to detect the real impact of any decision or action taken more accurately.

Citibeats has been recognized internationally with prestigious awards such as the United Nations World Summit Awards and COGx for the best Artificial Intelligence for public services. Furthermore, Citibeats has created data observatories in exceptional situations to help identify critical social needs – in local cases, like in Japan after the 2019 floods and in 26 Latin American countries during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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