Beabloo: Digitization Solutions for Urban Retail

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Beabloo’s digitization set is a Microsoft Azure-based suite of integrated solutions designed to digitally transform urban retail.

It is a comprehensive suite based on digital signage, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence solutions for custom campaigns, which aims to extract the maximum performance from technology to reactivate trade and revitalize neighborhoods, always being careful with data protection law. Beabloo’s digitization technology was selected by the Barcelona City Council to be implemented in the Barcelona Retail lab. The lab is a space for testing and validating technological solutions for their transformative capacity, for their ability to improve retail business metrics and change the dynamics and value of street shopping.

With the aim of store’s digitization, Beabloo technological proposal includes not only digital signage but heatmaps to understand customer’s behavior, audience analytics, a "lift & learn" smart shelf, the queue management system, a customer’s feedback survey, interactives screens, and Minerva, the artificial intelligence tool in the store, among other innovative solutions. Minerva is the Artificial Intelligence system that manages the different solutions and learns to personalize the customer’s experience, while also providing daily forecasts of customer visits and sales as well as other indicators to business managers.


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ASICS Improves Brand Awareness, Product Visibility, Campaign Personalization and Customer Interaction

Impactful custom digital signage retail solutions powered by the Beabloo Active Customer Intelligence Suit

Barcelona is committed to the digitization of brick and mortar retail businesses


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