AAM Solution: The future of personal mobility is up in the air

AAM Solution: The future of personal mobility is up in the air

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A solution for on-demand personal air commuting.

ADVANCED AIR MOBILITY (AAM) is a disruptive start-up, established to offer a response to the current and future needs of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Through an innovative aerodynamic solution, it offers a new concept of sustainable personal air mobility, which facilitates the fast urban and suburban movement of people (reduce current travel times by 1/4), towards a new development pattern for our cities that will help the territorial rebalancing.

AAM has a future vision of interconnected conurbations thanks to on-demand transport services (MaaS, Mobility-as-a-Service) through compact, high-performance, electric-propulsion air vehicles. The operational capabilities will be adapted to urban environments, such as extremely short take-off & landing (xSTOL) in less than 50 m, a minimum environmental footprint (low emissions, low acoustic impact), and a simplicity of use, that will universalize this type of transportation (autonomous flight at low altitude), revolutionizing the interurban commuting (up to 200 km).

Its proposal for on-demand personal mobility consists of a new concept of next generation light aircraft, where technological innovation provides a great competitive advantage due to the simplicity of design, manufacture and certification, differentiating itself from other more complex projects (multi-rotors, tilt-rotors, mini-turbines …), for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The final goal is to produce a high-performance electric STOL aircraft, inspired by the state-of-the-art of the convergence of the European light aviation industry (composite manufacturing, electrification of propulsion, advanced Fly-by-Wire avionics) with the disruptive innovation of the unmanned aerial vehicles (autonomous flight), and all together with an innovative aerodynamic hyper-lifting solutions. With this disruptive solution, AAM is heading to a new UAM mass market, towards a new era of personal air commuting.

Advanced Air Mobility | Fòrum d’Inversió d’ACCIÓ 2020

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Company Link: AAMobility.eu

E-mail: aitor@AAMobility.eu

Contact Phone: +34 660 332 464

Product Link: aamobility.eu/aam-solution