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TiaGo Delivery: it knows how to make you keep your distance

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A mobile robot that helps reduce unnecessary social interactions by accomplishing courier tasks autonomously.

Mobile robot that helps reduce unnecessary social interaction TIAGo Delivery increases efficiency and helps to reduce unnecessary social interactions by accomplishing courier tasks autonomously and by saving workers’ time to focus on more valuable duties. Thanks to its compactness and variety of sensors, TIAGo Delivery can easily adapt to different environments and navigate safely, even in narrow corridors and around people.

The user can easily control the robot using the integrated touchpad and the multi device interface. For maximum safety of the load, TIAGo delivery has a safety box installed that is accessible only by authorized personnel. In summary, TIAGo Delivery is a multi-use intralogistics tool, which helps to minimize personal contact during the pandemic and beyond.

Fast Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles to Help Hospital Staff Fight COVID-19

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