MetroTaifun: Keeping trash out of sight

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An Automatic Waste Collection System specifically designed for subterranean conveyance of solid municipal waste.

MariMatic MetroTaifun, Area Waste Collection System (AWCS) brings the municipal solid waste collection to Smart City standards. It uses vacuum to transport waste and raw materials through an underground pipe network in to containers at centralized Waste Transfer Terminal. Carless areas can be designed for people to enjoy a smart, safe, and hygienic city environment. Waste Inlets with automatic doors are hygienic (touchless), an important feature in fight against pandemics. The user is identified with RFID or QR code to verify the access to the system. The AWCS invites to sort and recycle. IoT, AI, and big data analyze people's waste recycling behavior and from there, education and incentives are drawn to improve. The properly sorted paper, cardboard, plastics, and biowaste are raw materials for different processes.


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Product Link: MariMatic MetroTaifun


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