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Barcelona Supercomputing Center: A novel architecture to sculpt a new analytics definition

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A novel big-data software architecture for the development, deployment and execution of advanced analytics services.

The vision of smart cities encompasses a variety of advanced smart mobility use cases expected to transform the future of urban transportation, offering multiple benefits, such as cost and energy efficiency, security, sustainability, etc., to both public and private sectors, as well as citizens.However, there is a need for novel software solutions able to support this next generation of smart mobility applications by fully exploiting all the recent advances in big data analytics, edge and cloud computing, and ICT technologies.

In this context, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is offering a novel big-data software architecture that enables the development, deployment and execution of advanced analytics services, featuring AI, data-in-motion and data-at-rest analytics methods for the efficient collection, storage and processing of vast amounts of geographically distributed data.

An innovative workflow orchestrator lies in the heart of the proposed software architecture, responsible for handling and optimizing in real-time the distribution of complex workloads across the computing continuum, spanning from the cloud to edge and fog devices. It also offers the deployment capabilities to interact with hybrid computing resources in a seamless and transparent way for the application developer. Furthermore, by integrating real-time monitoring services, the orchestrator can provide end-to-end performance guarantees with respect to non-functional properties that stem from specific application domains, such as time predictability, safety, security, privacy, and energy-efficiency.

The proposed solution is being applied and showcased in two smart mobility pilots, in the context of two European-funded projects, namely CLASS and ELASTIC. CLASS considers a challenging smart city use case deployed at the Modena Automotive Smart Area (MASA), a living lab for automated driving deployed in the city of Modena, Italy. ELASTIC delivers a scalable computing infrastructure to the tramway network of the city of Florence, Italy, enhancing the tramway public transportation services as well as its interaction with the private vehicle transportation.

Edge and Cloud Computation: A Highly Distributed Workflow Orchestrator for Big Data Analytics

image1 demonstration of the masa areaDemonstration of moving vehicles and pedestrians in real-time in the MASA area


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Company Link: https://www.bsc.es/

E-mail: eduardo.quinones@bsc.es

Contact Phone: +34 934 13 71 72

Product Link: class-project.eu/software-architecture