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eSIM: Yout embedded SIM card in full control, by 1oT Terminal

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A self-service platform tailored to enable you to monitor your eSIM data consumption, control costs and apply other value-added features.

1oT Terminal is an all in-house developed self-service platform tailored to give you full control of your (e)SIMs. Complete subscription management functionalities along with the billing.

1oT Terminal enables you to monitor and control the data consumption, set data limits, get the detailed view of every data session and information regarding costs. Furthermore we have a extensive list of value-added service and applications that can be enabled if needed, i.e API integration, Notifications, Future Events, Diagnostics, KPI reports, Issue Detector and many more.

We have launched our very own future-proof eSIM, from 1oT Terminal eSIM Management Tool you can compare, download and enable different profiles on your SIM card without swapping the physical card.

1oT Terminal Overview video

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Company Link: www.1oT.com

E-mail: taavi.jogeva@1oT.com

Contact Phone: +372 56267876

Product Link: 1ot.com/#terminal-overview