Will Computer Vision Kill the Sensor?

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Cities around the world, are turning to computer vision-powered cameras to gather actionable data. Sensors are being phased out in some cases in favor of computer vision-powered solutions. Predictive algorithms can also be enabled by computer vision, allowing cities to anticipate events before they occur. So, will advancements in computer vision technology have an impact on the deployment of millions of sensors, effectively killing IoT sensors, or will we always need more IoT sensors deployed throughout the city because some applications cannot be addressed by computer vision powered cameras? Or are all these technologies meant to work in tandem to improve the performance of smart cities? We discuss this with Charbel Aoun – Smart Cities & Places Director EMEA at Nvidia, Nicolas Keutgen – Chief Innovation Officer at Schreder, and Andrea Sorri – Business Development, Smart City Segment EMEA at Axis Communications.

Video by our media partner Kurrant Insights, a strategy, technology and media company in IoT and smart cities.

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