A Few Valuable Lessons from Costa Rica’s Age-Friendly Cities

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Cities can prove to be gateways to adventures and opportunities for many young people, such is the case for why young adults increasingly flock to cities from rural settings. However, in our rapidly changing world, where some regions are seeing a rapidly aging population, it’s important for cities to remain friendly and welcoming for people of all demographics, be they young or old. To talk with us about how cities can go about accommodating their elders are two brilliant speakers. Ana Lucía Ferrero Mata is the current Vice-Mayor for the Curridabat Municipality in Costa Rica, she’s also been a professor at Veritas University for the past 39 years. Andrea Teran is the Director of Programs for the Aging Population at the Yamuni Tabush Foundation; she’s also an Independent Fundraising Consultant, and Community Relations Consultant in Curridabat.


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