Graffiti has undergone a massive shift in a few quick decades as street art gains social acceptance

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Graffiti has evolved from a form of vandalism to a mainstream art movement, with auction houses, museums, and art shows catering to street art enthusiasts and collectors globally. Prominent street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey have gained widespread recognition.

Today, graffiti is associated with "street artists" rather than violent gangs, and many cities worldwide invite street artists to brand revitalized neighborhoods as trendy destinations for businesses, homebuyers, and influencers. Up-and-coming neighborhoods in various cities, such as Dakar, Mexico City, Brisbane, and Seoul, offer street art tours and host graffiti festivals.

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\IMAGES FROM: The Conversation Tagging, once considered vandalism, has gained cachet and economic value in the art world. Ashim D’Silva for, CC BY-SA

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