Are Proprietary Solutions Delaying Smart Cities’ Development?

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Abdulrahman Ibrahim – Chief data and innovation officer at Al-Madinah Region Development Authority discusses the impact of proprietary solutions with Louis-Frederic Robin – Chairman of the uCIFI Alliance & Head of Cities & Public Lighting at Engie. Madinah City is listed in the IMD Smart City Index 2021 and ranked 2nd smart city in Saudi Arabia following the capital city of Riyadh. The Al-Madinah Region Development Authority, designed, developed, and implemented the Raseel platform through its Smart City Program. It also owns the intellectual property. It is the first smart city platform implemented in Saudi Arabia. Powered by FIWARE, the platform adopts open standards and open data concepts.

Video by our media partner Kurrant Insights, a strategy, technology and media company in IoT and smart cities.

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