Muti-level Governance for Smart Cities and Communities

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How can we unleash the full potential of data to improve policymaking at local and regional level and take better-informed decisions? How can we work together across borders and levels of governance? What is the role of local digital twins in achieving this?

In Living-in.EU, we bring together cities, regions, and member states to discuss the way forward. We look into the European Digital Infrastructure Consortium on Networked Local Digital Twins Towards CitiVerse, its potential, and also of a wider range of joint actions.


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EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, with over 200 of Europe’s largest cities to improve the lives of over 130 million residents across 38 countries. We work in all areas of interest for cities, from culture to mobility, environment to social affairs, economic development to smart cities. We facilitate learning experiences between cities and represent cities’ interests towards the European Union. EUROCITIES is committed to working towards a common vision of a democratic, sustainable future in which all citizens can enjoy a good quality of life.

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