Local government weathering the storm: how to ensure long-term sustainability

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Local governments face tough conditions when thinking about long-term sustainability; how can they succeed?

Amid budget cuts and a cost-of-living crisis, driven in part by an annual inflation rate of 11.1% – a 41-year-high, many already struggling local councils are finding it difficult to persevere with wider community impacts like creating jobs, building homes, supporting businesses and investing in new infrastructure.

Many local councils have been forced to cut services to save costs despite their crucial role in supporting and protecting communities. The local government realises the need for change but is obstructed by a challenging and unsupportive political and economic environment.

Local authorities need to take it upon themselves to accelerate change by embracing the digital transformation necessary to support better and connect with their communities. To assist them in these efforts, they need a more equitable distribution of devolved powers and a more secure and sustainable funding model.

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