What are exurbs and how are they changing modern urbanism

What are exurbs

Author | Raquel C. Pico  The urban-rural dichotomy is one of the key points used when referring to how people live in the modern world. Cities and their metropolitan areas are great magnets and have gradually attracted —and they have been doing so for centuries— people living in the countryside. In this initial stage of […]

What makes the Seoul subway system one of the best in the world

Author | Lucía Burbano With nine million inhabitants and around 2.5 billion passengers per year, Seoul’s subway system is at the top of the international rankings for factors such as accessibility, connectivity, cost or infrastructure. Its extensive network, efficiency, punctuality and ease of use are some of the reasons that justify the level of satisfaction […]

How Paris is reusing its abandoned buildings

Autor | Lucía Burbano Reusing and transforming existing architecture is a principle adopted by Paris to combat global warming and to make use of existing infrastructures and resources. The aim is to advance towards carbon neutrality by 2050 by respecting its architectural heritage. Paris breathes new life into its abandoned buildings Today, 70% of urban […]

Five examples of how robots are already changing security in cities

Author | Elvira Esparza The use of robots to boost security in cities has gone from science fiction to the real world. Police departments in some cities have robots to boost their surveillance tasks and to serve as a backup for other functions. There are robots that can conduct controls, detect threats and robots used […]

San Francisco was built on a landfill, and now it is paying the price

San Francisco was built on a landfill

Author | Elvira Esparza San Francisco is famous for its steep streets, its bay and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Its geographic location has been a determining factor in its design, because, apart from the danger of earthquakes, given its proximity to the San Andreas fault, large parts of the city are built on unstable […]

AI urbanism: risks and benefits of a seemingly unstoppable movement

AI Urbanism

Author | Lucía Burbano Although it is invisible to the human eye, artificial intelligence is everywhere, particularly in cities. And we are all helping, consciously or not, to improve its learning, since we generate data when we walk, when we use public transport or when we access public facilities and other public spaces. The potential […]

What is digital sustainability and how does it affect cities?

digital sustainability

Author | Raquel C. Pico Digitalization has become the cornerstone for the major transformations of the 21st century. Technology allows important advancements and its high transformative power provides major benefits, also for cities. But this revolution is not without risks and potential negative impacts, particularly on people and the environment. Therefore, achieving digital sustainability is […]

Four common mistakes made in public parks and garden planning

urban parks and gardens

Author | Elvira Esparza For many people living in cities, public parks and gardens are the only contact they have with nature. It is good to be close to them for the benefits they provide: they are spaces for fun and recreation, they foster socialization, they reduce air pollution, they improve climate conditions within cities […]