University of Cambridge & IDC | Construction that Maximize Urban Potential

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A city is constantly changing and improving itself. The way that it maintains this evolution is through construction projects that seek to maximize urban potential. Construction has been one of the industries to benefit greatly from the technological innovation boom of recent decades. To talk with us about how this could impact the future constructions in cities are two experts of the field. Dr. Jennifer Schooling is the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction at the University of Cambridge in England. She got her PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy at the same university. She is also a Fellow at Darwin College. Joe Dignan is the Associate Vice President and Head of Government Insights Europe for the International Data Company.


Jennifer Schooling
Jennifer Schooling
CSIC Director, Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, University of Cambridge
Joe Dignan
Joe Dignan
Head of European Government Insights IDC

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