What the future holds for co-working spaces in India

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Before the world was hit by the pandemic that led to offices shutting down and people working from home, co-working spaces had started becoming the place for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to set up shop.

Often bustling with people from varied background, all working at the same place, co-working spaces had a lot of pros. Apart from the cost-efficiencies and the increased flexibility for people working at their own pace and time, these spaces were also great places to network and build connections.

However, with the lockdown, the functioning of these spaces was brought to a halt, atleast in the initial months, when people were stuck at homes. However, with things opening up, there has been a visible change in how people work.

We decided to find out what exactly is happening in the co-working space and what its future of looks like from where we stand today.

+INFO: BusinessInsider

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