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Over the past few years, the explosion of e-commerce and food delivery apps has upheld old shopping habits and profoundly transformed society. Many of those changes are prompting cities to step in and take on a leading role in steering this metamorphosis.

In Paris, for example, preliminary data highlights a shift in delivery transport modes: some 25% of goods are distributed by bike, scooter or on foot, instead of vans and trucks. It’s not just food delivery platforms driving this trend, but also other sectors. Postal services, for example, are increasingly relying on cargo bikes for last-mile deliveries.

Food delivery applications, free-floating scooters and other shared mobility systems can offer local authorities vital information to understand changes in the way goods are delivered in cities. At the same time, this data can help European municipalities to plan and implement their sustainable mobility transition.


+ Info: Eurocities

Image from Eurocities