These Six Cities Are Emerging as New Expat Hot Spots

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As Covid lockdowns, political upheaval and soaring costs drive expats from Hong Kong, and rival Singapore raises the bar for imported labor, young professionals looking for adventure and careers abroad are facing a dilemma. Which will be the cosmopolitan hotspots of the future to lure a vibrant international community with high-paid jobs and affordable luxury lifestyles?

While countries from Curacao to Cape Verde have rolled out digital nomad visas for web-based wanderers, building and retaining a large, cosmopolitan talent base takes more than a beach and a wi-fi connection. In a world reshaped by infection, invasion and inflation, a clutch of cities is challenging the old order, luring companies and start-ups to burnish their credentials as a global city. We talk to six workers who, from the beaches of Rio to the tech hub of Bangalore, are taking the road less traveled.

+INFO: Bloomberg


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