Pandemic puts premium on crowd analytics, open data, resilient cities

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COVID-19 has put an ever-greater emphasis on big data, 5G and AI adoption in cities around the globe for use in healthcare and public security, according to analysts at Frost & Sullivan.

The analyst firm said it expects to see spending on smart cities-related tech to reach $327 billion by 2025, up from $96 billion in 2019.AI and big data are expected to be areas in high demand to combat the pandemic with technologies in crowd analytics, open data dashboards and online city services.

“While COVID-19 has largely been a health crisis, it has disrupted city ecosystems and infrastructure tremendously,” said Archana Vidyasekar, a group research director at Frost & Sullivan. Digital contact tracing can play a role in letting citizens know the location of COVID outbreaks to promote safer urban movement.

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