Sameh Wahba: “Urban resilience is the ability of cities to become stronger”

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Who more relevant than Sameh Wahba to answer what urban resilience is all about and what implications does it have for people and local governments? According to the World Bank’s Global Director of Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land Global Practice, «Urban resilience is the ability of cities to address shocks and stresses that face them, to adapt to these and become stronger in the way that they provide opportunities and create a livable environment for their population».

Indeed, for Sameh Wahba, resilience is one of the three greatest challenges that cities face in the present, which is related to two global trends that define our world today: rapid urbanization and climate change. At the same time, competitiveness – cities’ ability of creating job opportunities and attracting investments – and inclusion – a phenomenon that, for Sameh Wahba, is intrinsically linked to distortions in land and housing markets – are part of the key challenges that local governments must face in order to offer optimal living conditions for people.

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