4 Steps to Build a Cyber Resilience Strategy

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As smart cities are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, governing bodies should empower cities to deal with breaches, survive heavy attacks, and bounce back quickly.

Hence, governments should consider implementing a cyber resilience strategy.Everyone has been enthusiastic about smart cities for quite some time now.Developed and developing countries have already started creating strategies to turn their cities to become smarter, more resilient, and connected. While the definition of smart cities differs from person to person, the ultimate goal is to optimize city operations, improve people’s lifestyle, and boost revenue generation. A smart city is a place that considers all aspects of socio-economic development, where the inhabitants can enjoy ease and comfort through their day-to-day activities. To achieve success in the smart city mission, several incredible, sophisticated, and cutting-edge technologies like IoT, automation, AI, and big data analytics are aiding the government. As technologies evolve, they offer unprecedented levels of capabilities to transform the city’s digital infrastructure, making it smarter and more connected than ever.


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