Ireland launches its first e-scooter trial

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Ireland’s first e-scooter trial has launched across the five campuses of Dublin City University (DCU). The trial, which will operate between the DCU campuses once legislation allows, aims to set the bar for e-scooter safety standards in Ireland and worldwide. It comes as moves are being made to make e-scooters street-legal across Ireland.

Launched by Minister Hildegarde Naughton, the e-scooter research pilot is a collaboration between e-scooter operator TIER; Irish micromobility tech platform Luna; the Insight SFI Research Centre For Data Analytics and Smart DCU (a district of Smart Dublin).

As part of the project, TIER and Luna are equipping a fleet of 30 scooters with advanced computer vision technology, enabling DCU-based Insight researchers to explore a rich new source of smart city data. With the Luna technology, TIER e-scooters can run pedestrian detection and lane segmentation algorithms, allowing the vehicles to understand how many people are in their path, as well as preventing vehicles from being used on footpaths.


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